It is an indisputable fact that every tyre user wants to have a safe and optimized use from every tyre he purchases. Hence, it is quite imperative for every user to know what are the factors that affect the life of a car tyre.

As far as car parts longevity is concerned, several systems accurate and quick feedback as the tyres. These vehicle parts are the most essential and they can say a lot about your driving style, the streets on which they’re driven, and even the state of other automobile parts and frameworks, for example, the condition of your vehicle’s alignment.

The tyres deteriorate mainly through an introduction to warmth, daylight (Ultraviolet/UV) and rains. Such deterioration relies upon the measure of exposure and seriousness of the climate.

Tyres have gone from normally enduring around 20,000 km (32,187 kilometers) during the 1970s to some durable tyres today that can get 80,000 km (128,748 kilometers) of tread wear.

Here are the top 5 factors that affect the life of a car tyre and which can save your money and peace of mind-

Driving Habits

Sometimes, the vehicles and tyres are in great condition, the streets are great and the inflation is also appropriate, but it is the driver/operator who is driving harshly on roads.

There are many wrong practices and driving techniques that exist, particularly in India which will require a proper discussion and redress. This is a factor dependent upon the car driver or the owner.

Beginning excessively quick, sharp controlling, crisis braking, fast driving on the poor streets regularly etc are some poor habits. When the tyre rubs up and down curbs, it can prompt extreme tyre wear, in this manner diminishing tyre life.

Moreover, there is a speed recommended by the tyre manufacturer. If the driver exceeds the speed limit, tyres fail to work up to expectations and don’t last long.

The training of drivers is of extreme importance for better execution and extended life of a car tyre.

Seasonal Components

The period of fitment, ambient temperatures of the territory/geological region of activity, wind speed and many other seasonal factors can have an effect on the life of a car tyre.

During most weather conditions heat will be generated owing to the operation of the engine. What is important is to make sure that heat is passed out quickly and effectively. Only then can the tyres adjust to different weather conditions and perform well. This will increase the life span of the tyres

Road Factors

The road is the only thing a tyre makes contact with. Therefore, the surface of the road on which the car is being driven has a significant impact on tyre’s life span. The most important thing about roads is whether they are plain or have hilly terrain. Besides this, the gradient of the road, curves, and road camber are the key factors which directly affect the life of a car tyre.

If the roads are in harsh conditions, have an undulating surface or the road material is outdated and poor, the tyres are likely to be deteriorated much sooner.

Condition and Maintenance of the Vehicle

The control of the vehicle is your own hands and in no one else’s control. Yes, the seasonal factors and road conditions are uncontrollable things, but they still play second fiddle to what you yourself do with your vehicle. A lot of experts say that a vehicle is only 30% about repair. It is 70% about maintenance. If you wait for the vehicle to tell you when to go to the service station, you are in the wrong position. You should not wait for anything for a periodical checkup of your vehicles and tyres. You need to keep in mind the following as they have a direct impact on the life of a car tyre:

  • Wheel alignment
  • Steering Knuckles
  • Suspension systems
  • The correct choice of tyre tread
  • Timely tyre rotation
  • Ground maintenance routine
  • Tyre pressure

The above things merely require analysis at regular intervals. If you ignore them or fail to correct them at the right time, it will adversely affect the life span of your tyres. Hence, a lot lies in your hands as far as the life of your tyres is concerned.

Tyre Pressure

The tyre pressure is a key aspect as far as the life of a car tyre is concerned. Tyre pressure should neither be too low or too high. Both of them can be damaging for a tyre.

If the tyre pressure is too low, there is an increase in the radial deformation. If this persists, then excessive deformation on either side of the tyre wall results in the tread shoulders and the wear process. It will increase the temperature of the tyres which can have an adverse impact on the life span of the tyre.

Very high tyre pressure too is undesirable. It raises the rigidity of the tyre deformation and reduces the contact area. Hence, in this manner, the tyre wear starts to happen. This will hurt the tyre life. On the basis of research, experts have found out that raising the tyre pressure by 25% shortens the life of a car tyre by 30%.

Keeping these factors in mind, you can increase the life of a car tyre to a great extent. Also, you should purchase the tyres according to the road conditions on which you need to drive. If you drive sensibly and takes care of all the measures, then the life of a car tyre can be increased up to 70000 km range.

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